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  September 26 | 27 | 28


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The 20th  Dandenong Ranges

One Act Play Festival


Known as the "friendly festival" on the one act play circuit, this years festival was an outstanding success with 23 plays performed by theatre groups from around Victoria!

One Act Play Festival RESULTS !

Best Production.. “The Dock Brief” - Warrandyte Theatre Company

Runner Up                  “A Formal Tradition” - Essendon Theatre Company

Best Comedy                            “The Universal Language”   -  Warrandyte Theatre Company

People’s Choice                                           “The Universal Language”  -  Warrandyte Theatre Company

Best Drama                                           “Hopping Bags” -  Pop Culture 

Best Original Play                                 “Hopping Bags” -  Pop Culture

Best Director                                 Philip A Mayer and Julia Lambert in “Couples”

                                                  Here,There and Everywhere Theatre Company 

Best Female Actor                                Tara Rankine in “Henna Night -  “Page to Stage”

Best Male Actor                        Adrian Rice in “The Dock Brief”  -  Warrandyte Theatre Company

Best Supporting Actor          Farhad Zaiwala in “Writers Block”  -  Warrandyte Theatre Company

Best Supporting

Female Actor                        Rosalin Shafik-Eid in “A Formal Tradition”  -  Essendon Theatre Co.

Best Youth Actor                          Leon Kuhlmann “A Formal Tradition” -  Essendon Theatre Co.

Actor Showing the most Potential                 Asja Sarajlic ”In By Half” from Peridot Theatre Company

Congratulations to Gemco Members for Adjudicator’s Awards:

1. Taylor Davies and Don Black for continuous acting in background in “The Blood Donor”

2. Courage and Persistence to continue for 40 minutes in a 2 hander whilst obviously nervous and did not give up “Dancing with Ginger” by Ken Purdham.

We would like to thank all our generous local sponsers who gave so generously.


and all the Gemco Team who made the week-end an outstanding success

Of course we cannot forget our Aujudicator Richards Keon 

who had the arduous task to judge 23 plays in one amazing week-end !


Gold Pass ... $60 (Save $100+)

- for all performances & events  presented by Gemco Players for the rest 0f 2014 includes seat and all drinks for pass holder at half-price. Please call David on 0411343618  to secure your choice of seat

Silver Pass ... $30 (Save 50% )

   One Act Play Festivals (Youth and Dandenong Ranges)  and the end of year show Maskerade;

Please call David on 0411343618 take advantage of these offers.

Gemco Membership

Membership Subscriptions are now due and we are test driving our new online registration …

Call David 5968 2844, if you have any difficulty with the online registration or you would just like a form and we will email you out a form for you to return, otherwise please come along on Wednesdays between 4 and 9pm while the Youth Drama Groups are there.

2 for 1 tickets for opening night or weekend 
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2nd Youth One Act Festival RESULTS

The festival was an outstanding success with 7 plays being performed with over 80 youth participating. This made the task of aujudicating an enormous task for our outstanding audjudicator Tanya Ryder Barnes.

Special thanks to Mathew Greenaway for overall organisation and the rest of the valued team of Gemco members who made the festival an outstanding success.

Below is the list of awards given:

Award winners:

Best Actress:  Tashi Baiguerra

2nd:  Chelsea Hyde

3rd Acacia Goyne

Best Male Actor : Alfie Baker

2nd Nick Jay

3rd Caleb Hope

Showing most potential:

1st : Loni Carr

2nd: Madeline Hardie

3rd: Ella Holden

Best Production:

1st: Cosmic Catastrohpe

2nd: The Sack – PCT

3rd: Drop Dead Juliette

Adjudicators awards: (19 awards ! )

Aimee Achten – leadership and encouragement award

Mikala Bullied– potential in a lead role

Sofie Le-Rossignol… Opening a show with confidence and energy

Will Grogan…. Surviving an only female cast

Lachlan Breninger – for surviving an all female cast

Ella Holden – stepping into a lead role at the last minute

Ivy Tucker– great puppet work

Galaxy Lay – convincing  lead role

Ashwin Beaton – encouragement for working well back stage

Isabelle Byers– great energy and animation

Cate Ellis – Overcoming fear on stage

Hero Katana– excellent singing even though she was really nervous

Curtis Comrie – excellent portrayal of a stroppy teenager.

Martha Clarke – excellent multi media work

Grady-Mae Dixon – excellent strong opening to the play

Diuwke Van Vark – for standing in at the last minute, for directing and for encouraging the littlies!

Tash Bartley – for continuing to perform well despite stepping on her dress and nearly falling over!

Keely and Georgia Megarell – for staying on their tippy toes for the whole play while pretending to be kangaroos.


Jillian Doughty – excellent physical theatre 

 Calendar 2014


16 • 23 • 30 • Youth Theatre Groups

5 • Murder on the Puffling Billy

5 • Open Stage

12 • 10 Minute Play "Centurions" Read through

18 • 19 • 20 • Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival

22 • 23 • "Centurions" 10 Minute Play Auditions


2 • 22 • Murder on the Puffing Billy

2 • Open Stage

6 • 23 • 20 • 27 • Youth Theatre Groups

9 • Film in a Day Event

15 • Amateur Film Screening

16 • Film in a Day Screening


3 • 10 • Youth Theatre Groups

6 • Open Stage - Gemco Social Event - Spring Has Sprung BBQ

17 • Youth Theatre End of Term Performance

20 • Murder on the Puffing Billy

26 • 27 • 28 • "Centurions" - 10 Minute Plays Performances


4 • Open Stage

8 • 15 • 22 • 29 • Youth Theatre Groups

10 • 25 • Murder on the Puffing Billy


1 • Open Stage

4 • Cup Day - Gemco Social Event - Gem Cup

5 • 12 • 19 • 26 • Youth Theatre Groups

7 • 22 • Murder on the Puffing Billy

14 • 15 • 16 • 21 • 22 • 23 • 28 • 29 • 30 • Maskerade by Terry Pratchett. Adapted for Stage by Stephen Briggs | Director Evie Housham


3 • Youth Theatre Groups

10 • 11 • Junior and Intermediate Youth Theatre End of Year Performance

12 • 13 • 14 • Senior Youth Theatre End of Year Performance

14 • The Gemmies

17 • Youth Theatre Groups Break Up Party




Australia Day Holiday

Youth Theatre Groups - Enrolment Day