Thank you for looking into the possibility of assisting with Front of House.

Please read the following and the events list at the end.  I am really hoping you will get back to me on 0421 843 512 or email me: and let me know at which of these events you could be rostered.

Thanks, Margie Gemmell


Gemco Players will pay half of the cost of you initial training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) in exchange for serving behind the bar. It is then your responsibility to ensure that your certificate is kept up-to-date (every three (3) years). It is essential that we have a copy of your up-to date RSA certificate if you are to serve alcohol.

Behind the Bar

The bar will always be mostly set up and ready to go but it’s great if you can arrive an hour before to ensure everything is ship-shape. There will always be someone who knows the ropes well at each event.

We have an EFTPOS machine and an iPad for recording the Till, both of which we are learning how to use.

On evenings where you are rostered we require that you remain in the bar / foyer during the show. This is needed for late arrivals, security of the bar area, if anyone should need help from the audience or actors, help to prepare the supper. Then after the show ensure that all is tidy (dishes washed, floors vacuumed, bottle and rubbish in outside bins, etc) ready for the following show.

Non-RSA trained assistance

We also need people to wash dishes, show people to their seats in the theatre, hand out programs and promotional flyers, help clear up after events.

Dress Code

We would like all people working Front of House to wear black, unless that is impossible, or that we have a themed event.

Consumption of Alcohol

The Gemco Players Committee has also determined that while behind the bar helpers are to refrain from drinking alcohol.  Obviously it’s fine to have a drink with everyone else in the foyer or bar area at the end of the evening.

Thank you

Anyone who helps out for two nights of a season is welcome to attend on a third occasion, at no cost, to enjoy the show. For Open Stage, your evening will be free as an audience member and short seasons, you need only do one night.

Future Dates

               March 10 - 25
Open Stage            
               First Saturday of the month March to November
Youth Showcases            
                Friday June 24th, 6pm for 7pm start [unless advised otherwise]
                Saturday June 25th, 6pm for 7pm start [unless advised otherwise]
                Sunday June 25th, 1pm for 2pm start [unless advised otherwise]
Gemco One Act Play Evening      
                Date to come
Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival   
                Date to come