Aftermath - One Act Play Circuit 2018

Gemco Players offering for the One Act Play Festival circuit has been going well.

Congratulations to the Director, Writer and Cast of 'Aftermath', which has been collecting nominations and awards at this years One Act Play Circuit
Best Production
Best New Play
Best Director - Sharon Maine
Best Actor - Andrew Tomazos
Nomination: Best Actress - Jen Bush

Andrew Tomazos and Sharon Maine with the trophies from Seymour OAPF

Andrew Tomazos and Sharon Maine with the trophies from Seymour OAPF

South Gippsland
Best Supporting Actor - Peter Garratt
Nomination: Best Production
Nomination:Best Director - Sharon Maine
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor - Dan Bellis
Nomination: Best Staging

Best Supporting Actor - Dan Bellis
Adjudicator’s Award - Gemco Players for creative staging
Nomination: Best Drama
Nomination: Encouragement Award
Nomination: Lynette Brown Memorial Award for Best Director - Sharon Maine

Best director - Sharon Maine
Runner up best actress - Jen Bush
Runner up best actor - Dan Bellis

Results and thank you to our volunteers at DROAPF

DROAPF logo 2018 small.jpg

Another One Act Play Festival is over and once again an extremely enjoyable event. Congratulations to the award winners at the 24th Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival held at The Gem Theatre in Emerald.
We would thank all the companies who again made the trek into the hills. You are the ones, with all our volunteers, who make the festival what it is - a celebration of theatre and theatre craft.  In all, 12 companies presented 13 plays over the 2 days of the festival. There were 4 new plays, 50 Actors and 19 individuals and businesses sponsoring our awards and raffle prizes.

I would like to thank all our local businesses who gave us raffle prizes: Laughing Fox Café; Effies Fish and Chips; Emerald Village Meats; Custom Framing; Emerald Pharmacy / Simply Wholesome; Cellarbrations; Chris Newport; Heather Studham; Sea Change Natural Health; Carmela Pezzimenti.

Especially, I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this weekend run so smoothly:

Front of House: Margie Gemmell and Carmela Pezzimenti who cooked up wonderful soups, jacket potatoes, rocky road, and lemon slice ... wonderfully assisted by John Jennings; Michelle Drinnan; and Cat Tregillis. Brydee Grace assisted me with the box office when I was looking after lights.

Backstage: Stephen Nichols as SM ... ably assisted by Samuel Nichols; Candace Peterson; Cosi ... in the Bio Box Ross Housham on sound and me on lights.

MC: Kate McManus opened the weekend, and then went to work! Mark Caile introduced the Saturday selection and Trevor Mills put on a show with the ocassional play in between!

Our excellent program was created by Kylie Rackham, many thanks.

I would like to give a special thank you to our adjudicator, Sharon Maine, for giving up her weekend and giving such insightful comments about each play.

I would like to thank all the companies for bringing such a wonderful variety of plays and wish them all the best for the rest of the circuit:

Hobo Playhouse - Tuesdays are for Bill by Paul Hannah - Comedy (G)
Nautilus Theatre Project - The Art of Fencing by Chris Dickins - Drama (G)
Warrandyte Theatre Company - Smitten by Anna Stillaman and Mark Matthews - Comedy (G)
1812 - Next in Line by Chris Hodson - Drama (M - themes)
Powderkeg Players - Slut by Patricia Cornelius - Drama (MA)
Dizzy Productions - Ebbed by Mark Lucas - Drama (MA)
Hartwell Players - Lobster Man by Jonathan Cook - Drama (PG)
Peridot Theatre Company - On the Edge by Kylie Rackham - Drama (M)
Shalafron Productions - Acceptance by Alfred Krause - Drama (G)
Flash in the Pan - Anna Alone by Cat Coxan - Drama (PG)
Here There & Everywhere - Therapy by Phillip A Mayer - Drama (M)
Warrandyte Theatre Company - A Little Book of Oblivion by Stephen Bean - Comedy (G)
Adelphi Players - Another Pair of Spectacles by Victor Bridges - Comedy (G)

Adjudicator Certificates:

Jaz Harwood (only youth performer in our program) - for an excellent performance and showing great maturity as a performer.
Hobo Playhouse - for creating an excellent picture of place with a simple yet effective set.
The Hartwell Players - for creating an excellent sense of time and place through strong accents, soundscapes and costuming.
John Reisinger - for excellent physicalisation and use of gesture to create the character of Kelvin in 'Therapy'.
Shalafron Productions - for shining a light on relevant and important human issues.

Adjudicator Award - Sponsored by Kaye Charles Real Estate:

Cast of 'Slut' - Outstanding ensemble work.

Best Supporting Male Actor - Sponsored by Blake Stringer:

Nominated: Fred Jameson - Ebbed, Dizzy Productions. Mark Caile - Anna, Alone, Flash in the Pan.
Winner: Glenn Hunt - Another Pair of Spectacles, Adelphi Players

Best Male Actor - Sponsored by Emerald Fruit Barn:

Nominated: Chris Dickins - The Art of Fencing, Nautilus Theatre Project. Adam Marsh - Ebbed, Dizzy Productions.
Winner: Brett Hyland - One the Edge, Peridot Theatre Company

Best Supporting Female Actor - Sponsored by Kaye Charles Real Estate:

Nominated: Kathy Whitfield - Ebbed, Dizzy Productions. Josephine Boffa - Ebbed, Dizzy Productions.
Winner: Reschelle O'Connor - Slut, Powderkeg Players

Best Female Actor - Sponsored by Kaye Charles Real Estate:

Nominated: Susan Casey - Tuesdays are for Bill, Hobo Playhouse. Brydee Grace - Anna, Alone, Flash in the Pan
Winner: Donna Cleverley - Next in Line, 1812.

Best Director - Sponsored by Sea Change Natural Health and Gemco Players:

Nominated: Dexter Bourke - Next in Line, 1812. Gerald Dwyer - Ebbed, Dizzy Productions.
Winner: Natasha Boyd - Slut, Powderkeg Players.

Best New Play - Sponsored by Hayley Lawson-Smith, Dramatic Pause Theatre:

Nominated: Next in Line by Chris Hodson. Acceptance by Alfred Krause. Therapy by Phillip A Mayer.
Winner: The Art of Fencing by Chris Dickins.

Best Drama - Sponsored by Carmela Pezzimenti and Gemco Players:

Nominated: Next in Line, 1812. On the Edge, Peridot Theatre Company.
Winner: Slut, Powderkeg Players.

Best Comedy - Sponsored by Tinkar's Corner and Gemco Players:

Nominated: Tuesdays are for Bill, Hobo Playhouse. A Little Box of Oblivion, Warrandyte Theatre Co.
Winner: Another Pair of Spectacles, Adelphi Players.

Best Production Runner Up - Sponsored by Stockdale & Leggo:

Winner: Next in Line, 1812.

Best Production, The David Greenaway Memorial Award - Sponsored by Barry Plant Real Estate / Mitre 10 (Emerald) - Presented by Mat Greenaway:

Nominated: One the Edge, Peridot Theatre Company.
Winner: Slut, Powderkeg Players.

See you next year.

Evie Housham, DROAPF 2018 Co-ordinator

Take Ten 2018

Take Ten Logo.JPG

Another wonderful collection of pieces written by local and overseas playwrights.

Ethan Bortman - My Perfect Mate. Comedy - M    

Sarah Fernee - A Rose by Any Other Name. Comedy - PG           

Sarah Fernee - Chinese Whispers     Comedy - G

John Jennings - It Started with a Thwack. Comedy - M    

Kathie Lee - A Chick Pic. Comedy - MA     

Winner of the People's Choice award

Kathie Lee - Beige Weddings and Coral Dresses. Comedy - M

Kathie Lee - Truth or Dare. Comedy - M    

Rex McGregor - Kindness Pays. Comedy - G    

Rex McGregor - Outfox. Comedy - M    

Joe Starzyk - So Sorry for Your Loss. Comedy - MA  

We would like to thank Carmela Pezzimenti for co-ordinating the whole event and creating all the thank you gifts; all the actors who gave up their time to bring this diverse collection together; John Sheills for being our MC; all our volunteers to looked after the Box Office and Front of House; Margie Gemmell for creating delicious things to eat.

If you would like a copy of this Anthology for $15 plus postage, please email us.

Vale David Greenaway

Judy & David.jpg

It is with great sadness that Gemco Players farewells its founding member and inspiration - David Greenaway.

In 1980 David, who'd come to Australia a few years earlier from England, called a meeting of people who'd be interested in forming a community theatre group. Gemco Players was literally born that night, its name coming from the initial letters of Emerald and its  surrounding towns - Gembrook, Emerald, Menzies Creek and Cockatoo.
From the outset Gemco included all comers - their ideas, their varying abilities and their ages - and it was David's enthusiasm and belief in all that drew them in.
Productions in those early years were rehearsed in people's homes and small halls in Emerald and Clematis. This naturally meant packing, unpacking, packing again and carting around all that was needed to take a performance to the outlying areas.
It was with great excitement and after overcoming many obstacles that Gemco gained its first permanent home where, through the voluntary work of many helpers, the small hall was erected. This saw a huge expansion of the youth groups take place and it was a place in which Gemco was able to easily perform many different styles of theatre.
However, David's dream of a large, permanent theatre in the area was still well and truly alive and was pursued by him and the various groups of people working with him over many years and many setbacks. His dogged determination was finally rewarded with the amazing space we have today.

David's greatest legacy however will be the impact that Gemco has had and continues to have on the lives of so many people, particularly young people, whose tributes have flowed on Gemco's Facebook page. Gemco's youth groups today continue and honour the traditions established all those years ago.
Many people instrumental in the various stages of Gemco's growth over thirty-eight years have  come and gone but David has been the only constant and will be remembered and sadly missed by all.

Margie Gemmell

Vale Don Black

Mr Pritchard - Under Milk Wood May 2014

Mr Pritchard - Under Milk Wood May 2014

It is with heavy hearts we share the sad news that our valued member Don Black passed away earlier this week. He was 72.

Funeral Friday 18 August at 1.30pm Bunurong Memorial Park, 790 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South.

Don will forever be remembered by those that knew him as a welcoming and enthusiastic member of not only Gemco but our entire hills community. He threw himself into numerous creative and social endeavours and his presence will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him.

He was the first to welcome anyone that entered the Gem with a smile and friendly greeting, offering help wherever he could. Don was a great supporter of the arts for all ages, attending many shows by local groups and assisting in our youth theatre program. You would be hard pressed to find a more prolific performer in recent years.

Although Don has lived with chronic ill health for the last 20 years he never allowed it to dampen his spirit and he would always be there with a ready smile and a bit of a joke. His energy and passion will be sorely missed. He loved and was loved by all. Always in our hearts.
R.I.P Don.
Your Gemco family x

Don's Involvement in Theatre and more

Under Milk Wood - 2014 - Mr Pritchard

Behind the Face - One Act Play festivals 2014 - Adjudicators Award - chutzpah for a solo piece and a mime

Curtain call for Maskerade 2014

Curtain call for Maskerade 2014

Maskerade 2014 - Mr Pounder and Ensemble

While Their Names are Still Spoken 2015 - Stage Manager

While Their Names are Still Spoken - Stage Manager 2015

While Their Names are Still Spoken - Stage Manager 2015

cast of canterbury tales

cast of canterbury tales

as placebo with john piggott's Lord january

as placebo with john piggott's Lord january

Canterbury Tales 2016

- The Steward and Placebo

Take Ten 2016 - Director of "Whistler and his Mother" and Steve in "Selling Point"

Award for the silent character

Award for the silent character

The Last Bread Pudding - One Act Play festivals 2016 - Phil
Adjudicators Award - for silent character

The Last Bread Pudding

The Last Bread Pudding

Moon Over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo

Kyneton One Act Play Festival 2016 - Best Monologue: Don Black for “To the Western Front” (Gemco Players)

Monologuies 2016 - Julius Caesar and To the Western Front

Moon Over Buffalo 2016 - The Basin Theatre Group

Moon Over Buffalo with The Basin Theatre2016

Moon Over Buffalo with The Basin Theatre2016

Day Out with Thomas

Day Out with Thomas

Day Out with Thomas 2016/2017 - Sir Topham Hat

Macbeth 2017 - Ensemble

the roaring boys (and girls) of Macbeth cast

the roaring boys (and girls) of Macbeth cast

Take Ten 2017 - He played a horse in "Flight of the Cows" and made his costume out of a onsie and a dinosaur costume

Open Stage - Don always attended and was a keen supporter of Carol McCoy and Ted Horton. He often presented the most surprising and polished sketches even if he'd only found it that afternoon.

Youth Group Leader since 2015

1920s Night with 3MDR

1920s Night with 3MDR

Gemco Players Committee Member 2014-2016


Pirates at 3MDR

Pirates at 3MDR

An enthusiastic interviewee, promoting all our shows and was keen to get his own slot, which was achieved only last week



Space Captain Smith 2017 - Neil, Announcer, Ghast, Guard

Cast of Space Captain Smith

Cast of Space Captain Smith

Neil ... dude !

Neil ... dude !