One Act Play Festival Update

I've only put the Gemco awards and nominations (if mentioned) as there are lots of Awards out there. However, if you want to see who else on the circuit has done well please click on the heading of the festival and it will take you to the results.


Best Play: “Peace of Angels” by Gemco Players

Lynette Brown Memorial Award for Best Director:
Nominations: Richard Keown for “Peace of Angels” (Gemco Players)

Best Actress: Michelle Drinnen as Elizabeth in “Peace of Angels” (Gemco Players)
Nominations: Jacqui Greenaway as Suzie in “Peace of Angels” (Gemco Players)

Best Supporting Actor: Greg Hedges as Ken in “The Last Bread Pudding” (Gemco Players)

Best Supporting Actress: Evie Housham as Tramp in “The Last Bread Pudding” (Gemco Players)

Best Costumes, Props & Settings:
Nominations:  “Peace of Angels” by Gemco Players; “The Last Bread Pudding” by Gemco Players

Best Australian Play: “Peace of Angels” by Gemco Players

Best Monologue: Don Black for “To the Western Front” (Gemco Players) 

FAMDA Awards (Foster)
Victorian Drama League Encouragement Award: Gemma Tripp as Jess Nash in "Wow!" ~ Gemco Players

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