Take Ten 2018

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Another wonderful collection of pieces written by local and overseas playwrights.

Ethan Bortman - My Perfect Mate. Comedy - M    

Sarah Fernee - A Rose by Any Other Name. Comedy - PG           

Sarah Fernee - Chinese Whispers     Comedy - G

John Jennings - It Started with a Thwack. Comedy - M    

Kathie Lee - A Chick Pic. Comedy - MA     

Winner of the People's Choice award

Kathie Lee - Beige Weddings and Coral Dresses. Comedy - M

Kathie Lee - Truth or Dare. Comedy - M    

Rex McGregor - Kindness Pays. Comedy - G    

Rex McGregor - Outfox. Comedy - M    

Joe Starzyk - So Sorry for Your Loss. Comedy - MA  

We would like to thank Carmela Pezzimenti for co-ordinating the whole event and creating all the thank you gifts; all the actors who gave up their time to bring this diverse collection together; John Sheills for being our MC; all our volunteers to looked after the Box Office and Front of House; Margie Gemmell for creating delicious things to eat.

If you would like a copy of this Anthology for $15 plus postage, please email us.