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25th Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival

JULY 2019

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Saturday 20


After All These Years
Mount Players. M - Drama
Why does Emma contact John, after all these years, and mysteriously ask for a "catch up"?

Gemco Players. PG - Comedy
Have you tried turning it on and off again? A call to the technical department goes awry.

The Consultation
Essendon Theatre Company. G - Drama
Gordon is a practicing psychotherapist who lives a privileged but indulged lifestyle where money is the main concern. He loathes his job and refuses to admit it. The client from hell arrives and upends all the certainties in his life and makes him realise that unless he changes he could lose the things he cares most about.

Shalafron Productions. G - Drama
This play is of Shakespearean nature where the Poet ponders onto a crossroad. When he is approached by a guide who tells him that he will be visited by his emotions who remind how his life has been affected.


I Love the Way You Cook
Something Catchy Productions. M - Drama
Welcome to the chart-smashing daytime television cooking show with a twist, 'I Love The Way You Cook!' Meet the dynamic power-couple Brad and Maddison Heartly - who put the 'heart' into the food industry. Their mouth-watering delicacies are a mouthful! Their successful show is in its fourth season and going strong.... or is it? Supported by their production crew Jim and Jess - who manage to keep the show going as we explore the ins and outs of this culinary comedy!

Dizzy Productions. M - Drama
Stacey and Sandra ending up in a alleyway and meet Mr Arlo . The play has no meaning, just pure entertainment.

Hartwell Theatre Company. M - Drama
Estranged couple, Ellen and Andrew are unexpectedly brought together to deal with a violent incident involving their teenage son. The play follows their emotional journey over a brief period coming to terms with their son’s actions and examines themes around relationships and responsibilities.

Sex Addicts
Here There & Everywhere. MA - Comedy
A comedy about doing it, thinking about it, talking about it, and doing it some more!
Just like alcoholics have AA and relationships have Marriage Counselling, sex addicts also have their support meetings .. But perhaps this session isn’t that supportive!

Sunday 21


Boy Meets Girl
Gemco Players. PG - Comedy
Follow Sam and Katie as they go through the trials and tribulations of love at the tender age of five in this hilarious and sweet take on young romance.

Shalafron Productions. G - Drama
Unhinged -This play deal with a character with multiple personalities, who kidnaps two women and is eventually caught by the police.

The Frosted Glass Coffin
Hartwell Theatre Company. PG - Comedy
It is morning and the old men at the Ponce de Leon Hotel (Miami, 1950s) gather to gossip and watch the daily line-up of oldsters at the cheap restaurant across the street. The prices have just gone up a few cents per item! The reality of the nearness of death is also fresh in their minds. For are they not all living in frosted glass coffins, through which light, and life, can just barely be perceived?


TheatreBox. M - Comedy
Three students perform their final play depicting the trials and tribulation of attending an under privileged school.

The Visit
Essendon Theatre Company. G - Drama
During the mid – to-late 1950’s, post war Melbourne was in the grip of a massive shortage of public housing. Vast tracts of land were given over to the Housing Commission to help alleviate the problem and to place hundreds of inner City slum dwellers as the city was “cleaned up” prior to the 1956 Olympic Games. Waiting lists were long and selective. Tenancy was prized, but not guaranteed. This is the story of two young mothers’ efforts to challenge and expose corruption in their world, at their risk, finding courage they didn’t think they had.

Mother Figure
Adelphi Theatre. G - Comedy
A harassed young mother, apparently abandoned by her husband, puts in their, pathetically suburban, place a nosy couple from next door who wants to know what is going on.

Awards at 7.30pm

Tickets $15 per session - available when sessions have been decided
$35 for whole weekend - available now
Also available at the door.

Adjudicator: John Jennings

DROAPF Co-ordinator: David Lawson-Smith

Gemco Players is looking forward to holding yet another friendly festival in our theatre The Gem, and we invite you to come along and watch plays from all over Victoria.

As always, food and refreshments will be available for purchase at the Bar.

The Gem Theatre,
19 Kilvington Dr, Emerald Vic 3782
Enquiries: 5968 2844