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Take Ten Play Writers' Season 2017: 10 x 10 Minute Plays

  • The Gem Community Arts Centre 19 Kilvington Drive Emerald VIC 3782 Australia (map)
Trevor Mills, Brent Kerr and Margie Gemmell

Trevor Mills, Brent Kerr and Margie Gemmell

Show Dates:
Friday 7, 8pm;
Saturday 8, 8pm;
Sunday 9, 2pm (matinee)

Tickets: $15
Book of Plays for sale on the day: $15


By Chris O’Neill

In the early days of Melbourne and Victoria, a young man walks through the forest of what will become known as the Dandenongs. What he finds and hears there will make a fine story…


By Katie Lee

Chloe and Matt met online, but first dates aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Really – you can only get so much from someone’s online dating profile!

Flight of the Cows (or, How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm After They’ve Seen Corned Beef)

By Rex McGregor

Two cows lead an idyllic life. They have a field of succulent grass—and humans to relieve them of their milk. What more could they possibly want?

Beginning With Intent

By Catherine McKernan Doris

Turning your life around can happen in the most unlikely of places”

The Genesis of Ronald Rump

By Ethan Bortman

A teenage boy gets a large gift and some strong advice from his folks on what the future holds for him.  If he sounds familiar, it is only a coincidence.

The List

By Barry O’Neill

A young man finds a novel way of deciding how to spend his money. His mother struggles to understand her son’s logic and method.

Altered Expectations

By Suzy Wilds

A married couple deal with a lifechanging event which challenges their relationship and forces them to face their altered expectations.

Wound Up

By Kate Reynolds

Sienna is in a hotel discussing the stigma surround sex work, and how we should all hold our judgement ; sex is completely natural and helps us all when we’re feeling.. wound up, and paying for it is not a crime.

Pet Zombie

By Martin Stolp

This is a post apocalyptic story about the decline of zombies from flesh eating ghouls to an endangered species exploited as playthings by children

The Karma Fairy

By C.E. Griffin

George has an unexpected visitor…