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Gemco Players One Act Season Auditions

Sunday 22nd May
5pm for WOW! and Last Bread Pudding
7pm for Peace of Angels

Season Co-ordinator: Claudia Witts. If you have any questions please click here to send her an email.

All plays will be auditioned by a cold reading.

Season: Friday July 15; Saturday July 16; Sunday July 17


By Marc T Williams
Directors: Ross Housham and Marc Williams

Synopsis: A True Story. ( ...sort of.)
A sci-fi comedy based in Australia that's a cross between " The Dish" and "Big Bang Theory".
What happens when the most boring thing suddenly becomes the most important thing in the history of humanity....EVER!?

Paul Scobie - CSIRO Astronomer: 40-50yo, Cool, calm. been stationed at Parkes a long time, remembers the “good old days”
Charles “Chuck” Fontaine -NASA Liaison: 30-40yo, American, wants to be back home working with all his colleagues, not stuck in some ancient relic in a sheep paddock on the other side of the world
Jess Nash - SETI Astronomer: 19-26yo female, young, idealistic. Firmly believes in extraterrestrial life and wants to be the person to find it.
Harold Kelly- Maintenance: 60-75yo, old local country bloke. Used for general maintenance around the place. Good for fixing fuses, fences and pumps.

Last Bread Pudding

By Nick Warburton
Directors: Terri Williams assisted by Evie Housham

Synopsis: Comedy - The committee of an amateur drama group is meeting to discuss a new play. We notice that, strangely, the presentation of the meeting to us is reflecting the ideas put forward by the committee, making the play a demonstration as well as a discussion of those ideas.

Kev Mills - neat, dapper, organised, bossy - 30-40s
Denise Boon - straight-talking, bossy - 30 -40s
Fleur Florian - an "actor", artistic, flamboyant, - 50-70s
Jan Cooke - eager, young - 20s
Jack Handy - dogged, practical, old enough to be Jan's father - 40-50s
Phyllis Little / Phil Little - quiet - male or female - 40-60
Tramp - symbolic - male or female - any age.

Peace of Angels

Director Richard Kewon

It's about two friends from country Victoria who are bothAustralian nurses serving in Vietnam during the war, and through a series of monologues give us an insight into a time when both have to make choices .

Elizabeth and Suzie - Female actors 19 – 35 years

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