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The Monologuies 2017 - Call out

Bring your best monologue

in either the drama, comedy or Shakespeare category.
Adult minimum 4 minutes.
Youth minimum 3 minutes (VCE students can do the monologue they are preparing)

Youth and adult prizes will be awarded in each of the following:
Most Outstanding Performance - Drama
Most Outstanding Performance - Comedy
Most Outstanding Performance - Shakespeare

Heats will be run to determine the finalists. The number of sessions will depend on the number of entries with a Final (best 10 of each category Drama, Comedy) on Sunday 27th

Rules of the Monologuies

1. All monologues must be first person character pieces. No narrations.
2. Any copyright licenses applicable must be obtained and paid by the actor.
3. Judges decisions are final. No correspondence shall be entered into.
4. Entries are due Thursday 11th August 2017. Please complete entry form online and submit. Email a copy of your monologue to
5. Entries are limited to two per actor (each entry will incur entry fee)
6. Monologue time limits are:
Adult: 4 – 8 minutes and Youth: 3 – 8 minutes.
7. To be eligible for the youth category you must be under 18 or still in secondary school
8. Monologues that are not within the above time limits will be immediately disqualified
9. Lighting for your monologue will be limited to lights up and down and/or bright to dim.
10. No use of the sound board is permitted
11. Actors are responsible for their own props, costumes, make up and hair. Gemco will have a small amount of furniture available for use. Please contact Carmela (0419592317)  to discuss. This must be arranged no later than 15th August 2017
12. Call time is 1 hour before the session starts. Dressing rooms will be available at that time
13. Monologues may not include songs although a small amount of a capella singing is permissible if it is part of the character. If in doubt please contact us to discuss.
14. Entry fee (per monologue): Adult $10 and youth $5 and is due by 11th August 2017. Unpaid entries will be disregarded.
15. Please use your judgement in selecting your monologues. Content which is sexist, racist or otherwise abusive in nature will be rejected.

Useful judging guidelines:
Approach: First impression – Opening moment – How the actor comes out of the gate
Delivery: Use of space (your “where”) – Body Language
Content: Overall performance value – Beginning, Middle, End – Continuity – Emotional Journey
Confidence: How well do you OWN the moments?
Believability & Fit: How well does the monologue fit you? Age/content appropriate? How
believable are you in it?
Use of Time: Flow – How well is the performance “time managed”? Does it seemed rushed or too short?