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Gemco Youth End of Year Shows

December 9 and Sunday 10 at 3pm

Tickets are $5 per seat - no seat allocation.
If your young child can sit on your lap there is no charge for them.

The Theatre, The Gem Community Arts Centre, 19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald VIC

Junior and Intermediate Youth

Christmas Spirit - The Conversion of Mrs Scrooge

Mrs Scrooge.jpg

by Sue Russell

The Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future (the other two are sick, so he's doing all three) tries to get the grim Mrs Scrooge into the spirit of Christmas, but it takes a lot of jokes and a visit from Santa and his wife to bring her round.

Running time: approx 25 mins

Intermediate Youth

I'll be Cloned for Christmas


by Jerome McDonough

Original Synopsis: A family is preparing to set off on a holiday trip, much to the chagrin of the children, who really don’t want to go along.  Fate intervenes with the arrival of three space/time travelers who think it’s July, 1958.  Since they want to study the holidays, the American teenagers convince them that Christmas would be the best choice.  The aliens "clone" themselves into roles as two members of the family, leaving the teenagers to spend the holiday visiting with the third member of the group from space.  The aliens experience a host of holiday adventures and come back with plans to celebrate Christmas on their own planet when they return.

This play has adaptions to make it more Aussie.

Running time: approx 30 mins

November Wednesday 29 at 7.45pm

There is no charge for this showcase as it falls within the Wednesday class session

Senior Youth Showcase

Two chairs

Earlier Event: November 20
Cinema Classics - Films with U3A