Audition : Space Captain Smith

Space Captain cover.jpeg

Book written by Toby Frost
Adapted for stage by Ross Housham
Director Ross Housham


Saturday 24 March at 2pm
at The Gem,
19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald 3807

Show dates

June 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24


Captain Isambard Smith must rescue a psychic hippy maiden from her hippy world and bring her to the safety of the British Empire where her hippy truth will be revealed, or it will all go to hell in a space cart.

More ...
There is a war brewing between the second British Space Empire and the alien Ghast Empire.
Smith is recruited as Space Captain to deliver dissident (Rhianna) from New Fran (space colony) to Midlight (City in British Space Empire)

Android Carveth escapes the duty for which she has been made and inserts herself into Smith’s crew as pilot and is pursued by Dreckitt.

Suruk (Smiths friend) accompanies them and gathers skulls along the way.  Disaster and much derring-do follow (also some derring-don'’t).

Rhianna is captured by the evil Gilead (human) and turned over to the Ghasts in return for favourable treatment of the Republic of Eden after the war.  Rhianna is rescued and her true half self is revealed.


Major Roles
Carveth - female 20s to 30s
Runaway Android

Isambard Smith - male 20s to 30s
Space Captain, rescues damsels in distress

Suruk   - male 20s to 40s
7 foot tall Alien warrior collects skulls as a hobby

Rhianna - female 20s to 30s
Part human part Vorl, wafty tree hugger

Bad guy, Screams a lot, 'God botherer’'

Alien Bad Guy

Minor roles
(each play at least 2 characters unless people available to split them)

Dreckitt: Bounty Hunter (android)
Devrin: had Carveth 'made'
Chad:  Space station attendant   
Andy:  Local yokel (think duelling banjos)
Khan:  Smith's boss    ‘
W’: Spy     
Waldo: Dreckitt’s boss  
Morris: revolutionary
Shop attendant 2   
Thadar:  Alien Good guy   
Francois:  local yokel mechanic
Narzak:  Alien Good guy   
Corveau:  Bad guy / Soldier
Ashrag:  Alien Good guy  
6542:   alien bad guy  
Ghast:   alien bad guy
Praetorian 1:   Big Alien Bad Guy   Doc Peterson
Praetorian 2:  Big Alien Bad Guy   
Ordo:  Martian Bad guy  
Trinny:  revolutionary

various other roles: shop attendant / solidier / guards

For more details please call Ross on 0400 402 449