Golden Cow - Cancelled - PAVE Festival at The Gem

At the Gem during PAVE in April

Golden Cow Awards

Has been cancelled.


I felt her hoof crash on the roof
At six o’clock in the morning
It came to me
and plain to see
As the day was dawning .

The Golden Cow had descended
Its ten year life had ended
The very thought did make me shudder
Milked bone dry
You may ask why
But there really is no udder.

I thank all for past support
But really think I ought
To put this cow to bed
Some people will frown
As I put her down
But the poor old cow is dead.

This knowledge to some has passed
But the dream of gold can’t last
With only one booking
And nobody cooking
The Cow Night has faded fast.

The Golden Cow is now dead on the track
Fell right over on her back
She ran out of Puff
As she’d just had enough
All milk drained from her sack.

T.H. 6.4.2017