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to Dec 16

A Mutiny of Pirates - Gemco Youth End of Year Shows

Mutiny of Pirates.jpg

December 15
and Sunday 16 at 2pm

Tickets are $5 per seat - There is no seat allocation.
If your young child can sit on your lap there is no charge for them.

If you don’t want to book online, please text Evie with the number of seats you would like on what day: 0400 327 970. Don’t forget to tell me your name :)

The Theatre, The Gem Community Arts Centre, 19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald VIC

A Mutiny of Pirates

Intermediate Youth

The King of Spain's Treasure by Geoff Bamber

Jim Hawkins, now in possession of the tattered map of a distant tropical island, sees a life of adventure and great riches beckoning but, as the story unfolds, he realises that he is not the only one with an interest in the treasure.

Running time: approx 40 mins

Junior Youth

The Pint Sized Pirates adapted by Joy McLeary

This is a pirate play for youngsters which has been adapted from the original, Peggy the Pint Size Pirate by DM Larson, which is a morality tale which illustrates that the size of our bodies matters less than the size of our hearts. As exemplified by the actions of our three protagonists who, prompted by a sense of adventure, loyalty and compassion take on a seemingly impossible task.

Running time: approx 30 mins

Senior Youth

All at Sea by Peter Ayre

Sinbad the Sailor sets out to thwart the designs of Blackbeard the pirate and win the hand of the lovely Charlotte. (All this and a fairy too.)

Running time: approx 35 mins

There will be an interval of 15 mins

We invite you to stay on after the show for our Christmas Party, bring a plate to share.

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to Jun 17

One Act Play Season - Launch of Gemco Little Theatre

One Act Play Season

To launch our new concept of our Little Theatre we present a One Act Play Season of two short plays written by Kylie Rackham.

Director Sharon Maine

australian-brush-fire web.jpg


Ravaged combines three stories – based on the real events of Black Saturday. The characters are confronted with a force which changes everything and results in them needing to re-evaluate their lives and consider what is really important.


Four strangers come together In  the most challenging of circumstances. Responders to a car accident, they must not only deal with the immediate situation, but the aftermath of the crisis. The play examines the notions of responsibility, and explores what we are capable of when we are put to the test.

Tickets: $10 - only limited seats


Gemco Little Theatre - our new Blackbox

The idea behind developing our Hall into an alternative performance space from the main theatre was to encourage new and more experimental works (with less cost to the directors and actors). It could be a teenager wanting to try out their new script; it may be a director who wants to experiment with a collection of short scenes; perhaps our actors want to get in amongst the audience ... but whatever it is we look forward to seeing what appears.

An article from TDF Theatre Dictionary

Black Box Theatre

It’s essentially a magic box.

What do David Mamet, the Wooster Group, and The Vagina Monologues have in common? Not a lot, actually. But they did all get their start in black box theatres.

A black box is a bare room with a movable seating area, a movable stage, and a flexible lighting system. It became popular during the explosion of experimental theatre in the 1960s, when storefronts, church basements, and even old trolley barns suddenly became intimate performance venues. This was an enormous break from the traditionally elaborate proscenium theatres, which still make up the majority of Broadway houses.

The concept of the black box has its roots in the European avant-garde of the early 20th century, through such pioneers as director/playwright Harley Granville Barker and designer Adolphe Appia. Barker’s ideal was, actually, “a great white box,” a vision that Peter Brook brought to life with his landmark 1970 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

As per the name, however, black boxes are often painted black and are square or rectangular in shape, with the idea that this is the most neutral setting in which to give productions a wide array of design and staging choices.

Today, there are scores of black box theatres in the United States alone, including Soho Rep in New York and Steppenwolf’s Garage Theatre in Chicago. They are also prominent at colleges and universities—for example, the Walt Disney Modular Theater at the California Institute of the Arts—where students are encouraged to immerse themselves in a variety of theatre styles and interpretations.

These future artists can tell you that there are five basic ways to stage a play: with the audience on one side (proscenium style), two sides (center stage), three sides (thrust), four sides (theatre in the round), or environmental staging, in which the audience and actors intermingle. The beauty of a black box theatre is that you can have any of those possibilities within one theatre space, sometimes within the same show.

–Andy Buck

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to Apr 8

Theatre for Children - The Owl and the Pussycat

Gemco Players present Theatre for Children

Show Days:
April - Saturday 7 at 10am and 2pm
and Sunday 8 at 10am and 2pm

Illustrations by Raquel Carter

Illustrations by Raquel Carter

The Owl and the Pussycat

A classic tale adapted from the poem by Edward Lear by Tim Bray
Lyrics by Christine White
Music by Margie Gemmell

The owl and the pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea green boat
They took some honey
And plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five pound note.

The wonderfully quirky and nonsense poem comes to life on stage with all the fun of the turkey who lives on the hill and the piggy-wig with the ring at the end of his nose, his nose, his nose ...

A short story of approx 45 mins, with songs. For children up to 10 years, however, everyone is welcome.

At The Theatre, The Gem Community Arts Centre, 19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald Vic

Director: Evie Housham
with assistance of Ash Herring

Music and sounds - Margie Gemmell

Cast for 2018:

Owl - Lachy Castricum
Pussycat - Ash Herring
Parrot - Sonia Morison
Piggy-wig - Candace Peterton
Turkey - Joy McLeary

Chorus - Trevor Mills and Evie Housham

Lights - Ross Housham

Please note:

We looked forward to bringing you another play but unfortunately couldn't organise the Rights with the publisher. We hope to bring you another tale in the future. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive more information about our theatre.

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1:00 PM13:00

AGM Gemco Players Community Theatre

We welcome you to attend our Annual General Meeting of Gemco Players Community Theatre.

Foyer, The Gem Community Arts Centre, 19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald VIC 3781

Nibbles from 1pm

AGM 2pm


Approval Minutes of AGM 2017
Treasurer's Report
President's Report
Election of Committee

If you would be interested in helping to steer this wonderful group by joining the Committee, or would like to be active in a sub-committee, please express your interest to the current Committee when you arrive at the Meeting.

To be eligible to vote:
New members must be registered and financial 10 business days prior to the AGM.
Renewal of current membership can be done until, and including the day of the AGM.
Member is 16 years and over.

Gemco Players Committee - appointed by Gemco Players members at AGM:
Four general committee members

Sub-Committee Groups - appointed by Gemco Committee:
all of the below areas would welcome new people

Care of The Gem - includes maintenance of building and garden - current appointments: Evie Housham and Ross Housham
The Gem bookings - current appointment: Ross Housham
Gemco Players Publicity - current appointment: Kate McManus
Murder on the Puffing Billy - current appointments: Sam Griffiths and Ash Herring
Day Out with Thomas - current appointments: Carmela Pezzimenti
Little Theatre - production co-ordinator: Ross Housham and Lachy Castricum (Tech); Sharon Maine (Director)
Youth Groups - current appointments: Joy McLeary (Juniors); Steve Hope and Lacy Castricum (Inters); Andrew Tomazos,  Evie Housham and Kylie Rackham (Seniors); Mat Greenaway (Youth productions co-ordinator)
Front of House - current appointment: Vacant (overseeing bar and kitchen); Carmela Pezzimenti (roster)
Take Ten - production co-ordinator: Carmela Pezzimenti (co-ordinator)
PAVE - current appointment: Evie Housham
FunFest committee - current appointment: Ash Herring
DROAPF - production co-ordinator: Evie Housham

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to Mar 25

Day Out with Thomas Cast Expression of Interest

Volunteers Expression of Interest

Here is an opportunity to spend a day around Thomas, socialising with parents and children from all over the world and helping them to have a very memorable day with
Sir Topham Hat, Shunter Charlie and Driver Sam.

Dates for March 2018 are: Saturdays 3, 17, 24 and Sundays 4, 18,25

and then the following November.

If you are interested in being part of this event please email Carmela Pezzimenti at

Tickets for the Day Out can be purchased from Puffing Billy

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7:30 PM19:30

Script Workshop - Aftermath by Kylie Rackham

read through.jpg

Local playwright Kylie Rackham's new piece 'Aftermath' is nearly ready for performance and it's premiere will be at the opening of the Little Theatre in June as well as touring the one act circuit this year.
Director Sharon Maine is needing males to attend this workshop to help Kylie & Sharon fine tune the play and those in attendance will be considered for roles in the production. *Please note that this is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the piece and there is no expectation for you to be involved with the performance. Perhaps you would just like to come and stretch your creative muscles for a night.
No need to book... just turn up, but please express your interest via our facebook event page so we can get an idea :)

About 'Aftermath'
Four strangers come together in the most challenging of circumstances. Responders to to a car accident, they must not only deal with the immediate situation, but the aftermath of the crisis. The play examines the notions of responsibility and explores what we are capable of when we are put to the test.
Performance dates: 15,16,17 June and then following months for One Act Play Festival circuit.
***Males only required at this stage****

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7:30 PM19:30

Postponed! Trivia Night


Gather your forces soon ...

we got very busy with AGM ... Take Ten ... Macbeth ... PAVE.

Watch this space :)

.... and be prepared to dig deep into your memory for all those really useful bits of information you always thought you needed ... much like the garage.

Quiz Master: Mark Williams

$15 a head

8 table of 10 only

BYO nibbles / food. Drinks available from the bar.

Table bookings will be available soon - watch this space

Additional fun stuff

Silent auctions
Gold Coin Toss
Count the origami stars
Second hand book stall


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