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Take Ten Play Writers' Season 2018: 10 x 10 Minute Plays

  • The Gem Community Arts Centre (map)
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Greg Hedges and Ross Housham in Karma Fairy from 2017. Photo by Focus Light

Greg Hedges and Ross Housham in Karma Fairy from 2017. Photo by Focus Light

Show Dates:
Friday 13, 8pm;
Saturday 14, 8pm;
Sunday 15, 2pm (matinee)

Tickets: $15
Book of Plays for sale on the day: $15

The vision for Take Ten short play festival was to provide a forum for writers, so it is structured around this, from the initial reading to production and, the ultimate prize for every writer, publication. The publishing of the final 10 plays, so that they live beyond the production, provides an ongoing legacy and spreads the word beyond the narrow confines of a small community. This is the eighth year of Take Ten why not make it the year you take part.
April - during PAVE Festival (8-15 April)

A Rose By Any Other Name
By Sarah Fernee

All Lucas wanted was to buy his girlfriend some flowers for Valentine’s Day, not the crash course in Floriopgraphy that Shelly takes it upon herself to provide.

Chinese Whispers
By Sarah Fernee

Ava and Liam like each other, but it’s difficult to figure that out when their words are lost in translation.

My Perfect Mate
By Ethan Bortman

Sam, 60+ years old, has been mourning the loss of his partner for a year.  His good friend Jake, also 60ish, calls on him in an effort to shake him loose from his “funk.”  The dialogue reveals the depth of their friendship as well as their vast differences in viewpoint.

By Rex McGregor

Two rival bloggers finally meet in person. If they can just put their antagonism aside…

Kindness Pays
By Rex McGregor

Brooke is a privileged student experiencing public transport for the first time. Her social conscience is in for quite a workout.

It started with a Thwack
By John Jennings

Ever had one of those days where just one thing has to go wrong and then your whole world is turned upside down?  For Zoe and Sally, it was the surprise test.

A Chick Pic
By Katie Lee

Three women try to navigate the dangers of Tinder and the infamous ‘pics’ that guys keep sending them.

Beige Weddings and Coral Dresses
By Katie Lee

Weddings are romantic and beautiful, and a true expression of love … Actually, weddings are complete bullshit!
Four friends debate the relevance of getting married.

Truth or Dare
By Katie Lee

Four 30 year olds begin playing a game of truth or dare, only to discover there’s an underlying tension between each of them that can’t be fixed be re-reading the script!

So Sorry For Your Loss
By Joe Starzyk

Donna’s husband has died.  At the wake she meets a very interesting stranger.  This meeting reveals things that she never knew about her husband and herself.

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7:30 PM19:30

Play Writers Group

Play Writers Group

Wednesday 19 October at 7.30pm

Here is an opportunity to work with other writers to create short plays, long plays, radio plays and more. No experience required, just enthusiasm.

Please bring any unfinished plays or other work you are working on.

Meeting once a month at the Gem.

All welcome

Contact: Peter Saunders by email for more details.

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