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Please list up to three alternative contacts for us, with their phone numbers. Please note: we can only release your child to the care of an authorised person
Photographs of rehearsals and shows are sometimes used for publicity purposes and in programmes and on the webstie. I agree to photos of my child being used for publicity purposes for Gemco Players
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It is a condition of Membership to agree to the Membership Protection Policy. This is a living document and your feedback is always welcome. Any adjustments to this document will be brought to your notice. By ticking this box you are confirming that all members associated with this membership agree to comply with the Member Protection Policy. This document (containing the Code of Conduct) can be found on the 'How to ...' page.
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We have found that children 'lose' paper notes concerning rehearsal times and shows. We send emails to parents as a back up. I give permission for my email address to be recorded on the Gemco Mailing list. We do not share your information with any other parties, without your permission.
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Family membership ($75) includes up to 5 immediate family members. If you have more than two children participating in our Youth programme, please talk to your Leader about the fees and membership
Please list up to five immediate family members to be included with your membership. If any of the members are 16 and under, please put their age in brackets next to their name. If they are 16 and over they are entitled to vote at the AGM.
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