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19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald VIC 3782

Postal: PO Box 480 Emerald, VIC 3782

03 5968 2844

Our venue phone is manned by volunteers and only answered when the venue is open.

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Need to contact Gemco Players?

We are volunteers but we'll get back to you soon!

Our Team.

Gemco Players is run entirely by volunteers. Below you can find key contacts for our committee members, venue hire and marketing. 


President 2024

Mandy McGarrigle

cat gemmel.jpg

Youth Coordinator

Cat Gemmell


Vice President 2024

Mat Greenaway


Gem Hire


mac barrat.jpg

Secretary 2024

Mac Barrot


Marketing & Online

Michelle Drinnan

Phil bwers.jpg

Treasurer 2024

Phil Byers


Open Stage

Carol McCoy

Committee 2024.

President: Mandy McGarrigle

Vice President: Mat Greenaway

Treasurer: Phil Byers

Secretary: Mac Barrot

General Committee: Joy McLeary, Stephen Nichols, Marg Gemmell & Tom Mithen

Youth Leaders.

Youth Coordinator - Cat Gemmell


Juniors Leaders - Sarah / Mat Greenaway


Inters Leaders - Mandy McGarrigle/ Fran


Senions Leaders - Cat Gemmell /Steve Hope

Dandenong Ranges OAP Festival.

Cat Gemmell

Mat Greenaway

Michelle Drinnan

Mandy McGarrigle

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