July - Friday 20; Saturday 21; Sunday 22

Deadline for submissions Friday June 22, 2018

Information and Rules:

  • The Dandenong Ranges One Act Festival is open to plays of between 15 and 45 minutes duration.

  • Minimum number of cast is two (2).

  • Maximum of two (2) entries per company.

  • Entries will be accepted from companies that are amateur and not-for-profit only.

  • All plays submitted are subject to acceptance by the Gemco Players Committee who reserves the right to refuse plays, but will attempt to give a satisfactory reason, however, their decision will stand. Fees will be refunded.

  • All companies (a person or group of persons who have submitted a play) are obliged to pay a non- refundable entry fee of $50 per play, which is to be paid in full along with your entry details by Friday June 22, 2018.

  • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to ‘Gemco Players’.

  • All companies shall provide one copy of their scripts for initial assessment and for the adjudicator. Scripts are sent at the owner’s risk. Gemco Players will not be responsible for returning any hard copy scripts that have been submitted.

  • The Company is responsible for any Royalties due on all material (including writing or music) that is not original.

  • The definition of an Original play is that it is a play that has never been performed anywhere, including internationally, with the only exception being that it was a part of a preview season or at another festival on this year’s circuit.

  • Youth is classified as being 18 years inclusive or under on the opening date of the Festival.

  • Call will be one hour prior to your allocated time slot. Once the session is underway please respect the other actors by being quiet whilst backstage. If you have any major logistics that need to be discussed with the stage manager, plan to do this one hour prior to your session time.

  • Your call time will be sent to you in advance of the weekend. Once all the plays are confirmed and payment has been received we will finalise the schedule and send you the details.

  • Each show will have a maximum of 10 minutes to set-up and 5 minutes to clear the stage, we will do our best to assist you.

  • Your cast and crew are permitted to watch the other plays in their session time, depending on seating availability. Ticket holders will take priority in all cases. Once a play has started the audience will not be able to leave the theatre, therefore it is not advisable to watch the play directly prior to your own. A ticket must be purchased to attend any of the other sessions over the weekend.

  • Gemco Players will provide a stage manager who will oversee the entire backstage co-ordination of the Festival and look after the curtain opening and closing, but cannot stage manage individual plays. Please note that it is advised that each company provide its own sound and light crew but if this is not possible we will provide a support team for your play. Please supply a marked up copy of your script/s which you will need to bring to our tech team when you arrive.

  • Nine spot general lighting states will be provided, plus a couple of ‘specials’. If you have special requests for lights please call the Festival Co-ordinator to discuss.

  • If your Company has sessions over two days you can bring your sets in on the first day. Gemco Players cannot accept responsibility for any items of property brought onto or left at the premises.

  • Each session of the Festival will be followed by a brief adjudication in front of the audience. Gemco Players encourage you to attend this valuable element of the Festival.

  • Tickets will be sold for each session (usually three plays) of the Festival at $12 and not individual shows. Tickets will be available through the Online ticket bookings and at the Box Office on the day. A Season Ticket is available for all the sessions for $35.

  • The Awards Ceremony is a good time to dress up and catch up, so bring your sparkly shoes and make an evening of it.

We’re looking forward to another awesome festival.
Evie Housham
DROAP Festival Co-ordinator 2018