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Enter your play!

This form is both your entry and information for publication so please ensure all details are correct. You may submit up to three (3) plays.

If you are submitting more than one play please fill this form again for the other plays. Entry fee of $10 per play 

If your play(s) are successful your play will be performed by our actors and published. 

Take Ten Writers Festival Entry Form

Please fill out all fields per entry. An entry fee can be paid on the next page. 

Please be sensitive about your decision as this will decide whether we restrict our audence

Upload Play

Should my play be selected, I Understand:

• That Gemco Players have first publishing rights in Australia and that no royalties from the book sales will come to me.

• That publication by Gemco Players does not forgo the right to publish elsewhere.

• I will not receive any part of ticket sales.

• I will be offered a complimentary ticket to see the performance.

• I will receive a free book of the final published plays.

I also understand, with regards to the performance, that:

• I will grant performance rights at no charge, including rehearsals, for this festival.

• My play will be directed and performed by Gemco Players unless otherwise stated.

• I can direct my own play but not interfere with another direction or casting process.

Thanks for submitting!

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